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0439 Hours – IE8: no spills no thrills

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I had launched Internet Explorer 7 determined to find some higher purpose than downloading Firefox. If found it in 30 seconds – and downloaded Google Chrome. My reason is expunged from memory. Later, for fairness’ sake, I used IE8 for hundreds of hours.

And it wasn’t bad at all.

The interface is fine. Most features I use come via well known keyboard and mouse magic. RSS easy easy. Tabs are coloured pastel by some almost scruitable temporal principle. This should make them easy to find. It does make them pretty. Best of all, zooming just expands the whole page about the mouse cursor. No more getting lost in text reflow.

Firefoxers and Operagoers be warned: I couldn’t rescue a closed tab. Worse yet, IE8 is Microsoftishly slow. I feel it when I scale and I feel it when I scroll; even my beautiful beast box fights to keep up.

IE8 is good, but I won’t keep it. Lacking Chrome’s grace, it gives me no thrill.


0082 – Vista Search

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Once, Windows search was an absurdity. Sometimes, however, humilitation begets resolve and resolve begets greatness. So it is with Vista’s search engine. Think of something to do, anything all. You might run a command, open a document or just find a written word. As long as your thought as a name that a computer could know, all you need to do is press Windows and start typing. Soon you will hit Enter, and your will is done.

It is like the command line, except it finds anything, not ust commands. Search is not just a sleek UI, it is also damned fast. Filenames are indexed, and so is the text of likely documents. I typed in “hell”; without pausing, Vista offered me two mysteriously unfiendish C file; neither was named “hello”, but that’s what they both said.

Vista’s search is very, very good.


0000 hour – Vista

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Have you seen Window’s black boot screen? It’s all dark and foreboding with sinister little letters spelling out Microsoft’s name. Those princes of marketing should have known better than to make themselves look so very much like an evil, world dominating megacorporation.

Dark images aside, Raka has no hatred of Windows. XP runs solidly and rightly scorns some conventions of GUI. Vista is more decorated, but is neither gaudy nor maddening. Although Vista can make fast computers run slow, it’s load does not slow the rampant black stallion under my feet.

Yet Windows still incompetently condescends to treat users like idiots for the OS’ on faults. Vista rightly makes it easier to hibernate than to shut down; except when software is updated. Since windows shuts down computers and not processes, it “encourages” shutdowns by sneakily transfiguring the “hibernate” button into an “update and shutdown” button.

It need not be this way!

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