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0107 hours – How can I break it?

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The kiloWIMP is now over 100 hours old, and I thank those who have taken an interest. Still, my ton is not as eventfull as FDR’s or BHObama’s. For good or ill, those two stirred some Hornets. I’ve just surfed the net. So far I report that (excepting one blackscreen) Windows works, if you don’t break it. So now I challenge you readers, how should I put Vista through it’s paces?

I will consider doing the zaniest things, within these rules:

  1. It should take only an hour or two.
  2. It has to seem like a good idea. That means:
    • It must seem like a good idea to me at the time
    • It must be a thing that a sensible person might also want to try
    • I can’t set out to damage my computer.


  1. Try cleaning the registry ;). And maybe try to get rid of some autostart apps you do not need. That is a certainly dangerous operation. Done within an hour. It might as well fasten the whole machine – at least slightly.
    There are couple of tools to do that. Or you can do it all yourself ;).

    Comment by Mera — 2009-05-23 @ 10:41 | Reply

    • Hmm, intersting point. I have no desire at all to do this because me system is cleanish and newish. Yet for that very reason, these operations should be safe. As the need increases, so does the danger…

      Comment by raka — 2009-05-31 @ 19:57 | Reply

  2. 1) Optimize your system for boot time.
    2) Put your pagefile on its own partition. It reduces fragmentation when you’re not constantly allocating for a multi-gigabyte file.
    3) Install third-party drivers for ext3 ( and then see if you can move your home directory to an ext3 partition. This also helps eliminate fragmentation, by moving all your frequently-accessed files to a filesystem that doesn’t suck.
    4) Move your entire C:\ drive to ext3 (not recommended, I don’t think NTLDR could handle it.)
    5) Cleanly uninstall Internet Explorer and Microsoft Messenger.
    6) Install a new desktop environment.
    7) Run without security updates or antivirus.

    All of these things would be a piece of cake to accomplish under *nix. Let’s see how well Windows can handle it! ;)

    Comment by Max — 2009-05-23 @ 23:51 | Reply

    • Amusing suggestions, but I have some questions before I go ahead:

      (3) Any good rationale for ext3? This is (for now) a Windows only box.

      (4) Moving c:\ to ext3 is not fair. I wouldn’t format / as NTFS under linux either.

      (1) How do I optimize boot time? Although hibernation makes this less exciting.

      (7) Hmm, I am already running without automatic virus scan, but I do have updates enabled. So far no problems.

      (5) If I try to zap IE and MM how do I know they are really gone? I will have to write me IE8 review before doing this though?

      (6) Changing desktops is an attractive idea, are there any good ones around? Can I get multi-desktop? Is that native-but-hidden in Vista?

      (2) Yes, a swap partition **is** a good idea…..

      Comment by raka — 2009-05-31 @ 19:52 | Reply

      • 3) Ext3 does not need to be defragmented. This saves time which is otherwise wasted defragmenting. Running a fragmented filesystem results in poor access times, and NTFS fragments easily.
        1) In XP, there were a few registry hacks you could do to improve your boot time. However, they are probably not the same in Vista, and I haven’t used Windows for ages, so I can’t get more specific, sorry.
        6) There are many replacement desktops for Windows. These simply run as applications. When you run one, (I think) it contains code to find processes belonging to the default desktop and kill them. Most also have installers which will change registry keys to make it the default desktop. See here: Yod’m 3D is a compositing WM for windows, sort of like Compiz. They’ve since gone commercial, but there’s an old freeware version floating around somewhere.

        Comment by Max — 2009-06-04 @ 15:39

  3. How about, only using the mouse, try to shutdown the computer without clicking on ‘Start’.. ;)

    Comment by kingleo1 — 2009-05-24 @ 01:39 | Reply

  4. Hmm, trying to crack that one. I’m guessing I have to navigate to C:\windows and click on some bloody excecutable. Still trying to figure out which.

    Comment by raka — 2009-05-31 @ 19:58 | Reply

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