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0082 – Vista Search

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Once, Windows search was an absurdity. Sometimes, however, humilitation begets resolve and resolve begets greatness. So it is with Vista’s search engine. Think of something to do, anything all. You might run a command, open a document or just find a written word. As long as your thought as a name that a computer could know, all you need to do is press Windows and start typing. Soon you will hit Enter, and your will is done.

It is like the command line, except it finds anything, not ust commands. Search is not just a sleek UI, it is also damned fast. Filenames are indexed, and so is the text of likely documents. I typed in “hell”; without pausing, Vista offered me two mysteriously unfiendish C file; neither was named “hello”, but that’s what they both said.

Vista’s search is very, very good.


  1. The search facility is one of the best things about Vista. I think that they have improved it a bit on W7 to boot.

    Have you considered trying the W7 beta? Even in its mostly finished form, windows 7 is to my mind a good few steps ahead of vista. All the best bits are still there, but some of the Vista annoyances have been remedied

    Comment by justblair — 2009-05-20 @ 23:08 | Reply

  2. Hmm, interesting, can you point me to some details. Now that I am such a fan of search I am starting to see the annoyances. Ain’t it always the way.

    Jumping to Windows 7 however sounds like a big step. The adventure of mine is not as rigorous as yours. I’m running Vista because it came with the computer.

    Comment by raka — 2009-05-21 @ 22:27 | Reply

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