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0057 hours – Dark Memories

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Now that it’s done, my unixy heart sings with Schadenfreude.   It was less fun back when Windows was blackscreening – hard.  It was my fault of course, I had insulted it.  I should never have left my notes for that post on the hard drive. While creating this blog, I being a fool, loosed Windows Update in the background. It installed drivers.

At first all was fine, then the screen went streaky, and then black. It stayed that where for an hour, before I power cycled out of the BSOD. And out of the next one.

The third boot fit. After a few easy clicks, I had a happy machine. Complete, I think, with a smug new nVIDIA driver.

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll write something nice, I promise. In the meantime, read Orwell.


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