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0000 hour – Vista

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Have you seen Window’s black boot screen? It’s all dark and foreboding with sinister little letters spelling out Microsoft’s name. Those princes of marketing should have known better than to make themselves look so very much like an evil, world dominating megacorporation.

Dark images aside, Raka has no hatred of Windows. XP runs solidly and rightly scorns some conventions of GUI. Vista is more decorated, but is neither gaudy nor maddening. Although Vista can make fast computers run slow, it’s load does not slow the rampant black stallion under my feet.

Yet Windows still incompetently condescends to treat users like idiots for the OS’ on faults. Vista rightly makes it easier to hibernate than to shut down; except when software is updated. Since windows shuts down computers and not processes, it “encourages” shutdowns by sneakily transfiguring the “hibernate” button into an “update and shutdown” button.

It need not be this way!

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  1. […] hard.  It was my fault of course, I had insulted it.  I should never have left my notes for that post on the hard drive. While creating this blog, I being a fool, loosed Windows Update in the […]

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