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0000 hour – The kiloWIMP experiment

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Friends, know that I, Raka, know that you know me. Why else would you read this post? Being thus among friends, and also free, I presume to blog about Geeky Shite. Of course, you already know much about G.S., but I urge you yo read on, and to comment. Together we might discover much that we do not already know.

For example you might beleive that Raka is a Command Line Zealot, who has abided since the fall of DOS in Linux’ textual harbour, shunning the invidious encroachment of Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers (WIMPs). Yet the machine under my feet executes not the dulcet instructions of any Unixy kernel; it is too busy presenting to me a Vista for WIMPs.

Startle not! I have no religion. I believe in experiment, and this one is the kiloWIMP, a tour into the GUI world of WIMPs. I promise, for the next 1024 hours, not to install Linux on this machine. On this blog, I will report the results – one kilobyte at a time.

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